Management Team

Sigurdur Oli Gestsson (Siggi)

Chief executive officer

Siggi has a degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from University of Iceland.  After graduation he founded the company Mimisbrunnur in 1997.  The company specialiced in cost savings and operation research.  The company merged with Bestun og Radgjof and the company AGR was founded.  Siggi was one of the owners and key employees of AGR.

Between the years 2003 and 2010 Siggi was Manager of the Material Department of Icelandair Technical Services (ITS).  During this time the number of aircrafts ITS was supporting went from 22 to 31.  One of the success of his tenure was a substantial turnaround for the department.  This was the results of many different parameters but one of the most important was mapping of the Rotable Circle and a optimization model for parts that Siggi implemented.  This work is the foundation of which Rhino system is based on.

In 2010 Siggi took the position of Executive Director of Operation at Shell Iceland.  There he was responsible for all oil terminals in Iceland, oil distribution, all constructions and maintenance and information technology.

Outside of work Siggi likes to run and has done a few marathons.

Johann Gudbjargarson (Joi)

 Chairman of the board

Joi has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Reykjavik. After graduation in 1996 he spent the next four years in the IT department at Samskip.

After Samskip he spent one year working on the Icelandic Health Sector Database (HSD) containing the medical records and genealogical and genetic data of all Icelander at deCode Genetics.  In 2000 he joined AGR Inventory as a software architect responsible for designing and implementing AGR Inventory Optimizer which today is used in companies all over the world.  Joi was promoted to Development Manager in 2005 and had the position of Director of Business Development from 2009.

Joi has a few consulting projects under his belt – most notability at Shell Iceland (Skeljungur), Foodoit and Icelandair Technical Services (ITS).

Joi likes to fly fish, brew beer, yoga and travel.